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What to do with a house in a divorce?

What to do with a house in a divorce?
Speaker 1:
Are you going through a divorce or preparing to go through a divorce? Do you guys have a house together that you just don’t know what to do with? Well, my name’s Wes, and this is OC Real Estate. I’m here to tell you that we can help. We know that no one ever plans or wants to go through a divorce whenever they’re starting out. Sometimes people change. Sometimes circumstances change, and oftentimes it’s out of your hands. We also know that going through a divorce is one of the most stressful things that anyone will ever go through. It’s stressful emotionally. It’s stressful financially, and it’s even bad for your physical health. Now you’re going to hear a lot of things from a lot of different people. Lawyers, judges, families, friends, and they’re all going to tell you different things. What do you do at the house? That’s what we’re here for.

We want to help with one of the biggest stressors of going through a divorce and that’s, what do I do with my house? Do I sell it? Do I rent it? Do I take out the equity and pay off my spouse and stay in it? There’s so many different options. And we’re here to guide you through the process. If you need to liquefy your house, we’ve got an option for you. We can give you a cash offer in under 24 hours. If you like that offer, we can close in as little as seven days. If you don’t like that offer, no big deal.

We can give you the realtor option. Now this option doesn’t benefit us in any way other than we get to help you out, and we get to recommend one of our rockstar realtors that we work with. They’re vetted through us, and they’re amazing. They’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to fix your house up, all the repairs you need to make to get top of the market pricing. And honestly, they’re worth every penny in fees and commissions that you pay them. Now, if you don’t want to pay fees or commissions, then we can give you our third offer. It’s part of our proprietary three offer system. No one else is doing this.

Most investors don’t even have the tools that we have to do this. In our creative offer, you have to have a little bit of an open mind. You’re going to hear some strategies that you may not even know exist. But if you do, then we can give you a great offer, great terms, and we can help you out. So give us a call today. Check us out at Fill out one of our forms, and we’ll contact you. We just want to help you find the best deal for you because we know every situation is unique, every divorce is unique and every person is unique. And that’s why we want to come up with a unique strategy for you.
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