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About Wes

Wes is a Husband, Dad, Real Estate Investor, and Louisville Firefighter. His priority is always to be a good husband to his beautiful wife, and dad to his soon to be three amazing kids, by always being there for them. He was born and raised in Owensboro, KY and that has given him a passion for keeping his hometown beautiful. He wants to give back to the town that helped shape who he is today. The way he does that is to find real estate that could use a little love and working with great partners to turn them into beautiful houses that residents are proud to call home. He is lucky enough to be in business with his best friend, Tyler, and have fun chasing his passion every day.

About Tyler

Born and raised from Owensboro, he is a husband, father, Real Estate Investor, <a href=””>Licensed Agent</a>, as well, a public school teacher. Tyler’s main priority is being a present father who provides for his wife and two boys to allow them to reach their full potential. Living in Owensboro, Ky, Tyler wants to provide solutions for buyers and sellers in the blue grass and keep his town beautiful and growing. In order to fulfill those desires he looks for homes that need attention and bring in partners when needed to make the property a proud place to call home. Tyler is extremely blessed to be in business with his life long best friend, Wes, helping one another accomplish their goals for their growing families.