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Proprietary 3 Offer System![Explained]

At OC Real Estate, we know in Kentucky, every single property and every owner won’t fit into the same box when it comes to selling. Some people will need to sell their house fast, sometimes more time will be needed to plan for where you are going to move in the next chapter of your life.  We work hard to create a win-win situation for all parties involved. Because we’ve found that everyone is on a different timeline and has a unique reason for wanting or needing to sell your Kentucky home, we’ve developed a proprietary 3 Offer System that gives you access to all the tools we have to assist you in finding the right solution, even if that means not selling to us. Now lets jump into it!

  1. Cash Offer: Plain and simple, we provide you with a great cash offer for your home. After talking with you and learning a little bit about the condition and location of your KY property we will give you our best cash offer and you can decide if its right for you. Typically we close fast with this offer, in as few as 7 days sometimes. This offer is best for those that want the easiest, simplest solution to move on from the property they’re stuck with. These could be inherited homes, or if you’re going through a divorce, even if you’ve had a family member pass away and need to move on. We’re very transparent and will tell you how we came up with this offer, you will never have any obligation to accept.

2.Use a KY Realtor: The strategy most people take when selling a home in Kentucky. I am not a realtor but, through extensive networking I know some of the best KY realtors around and would love to make the introduction, so you’ll know you have a great realtor. When you sell on market with a licensed realtor in Kentucky, you should beware that while you may get a higher sales price than a cash offer, there are typically strings attached. These include a longer timeline typically 30+ days. Also, you will have to pay for commissions, closing costs, and other fees. On average this comes up to 10-13% of the sales price. On top of that you will need to make sure your KY home is in great condition, always clean and available for showings, and go through an appraisal and inspection process for the typical buyer.  These are the reasons it can take so long. But, as long as the buyer doesn’t back out you will have completed your sale in about 30 days or so. This option is great for someone who has a house with plenty of equity, in great condition and not in a rush to sell, willing to work with the buyer’s timeline. Click here to get your free property analysis of what you could sell your home for with a realtor!

3.The Creative Offer: This is where we stand out. Although not for everyone, there typically is a creative offer that will work best for most people to sell their home. We are limited in the offers we can make for your home with first two options but, here we can really use all the tools on our tool belt to craft you an offer that combines the best benefits and more from above. We use strategies such as sub-to, owner finance, loan assumption, and more to give you the best deal possible for your situation. The great thing about it is there are almost an infinite amount of ways we can structure the deal to help you find a property solution in Kentucky. This is best for sellers with an open mind looking to maximize the amount of money they can make, along with get a quick closing.

If any of these options sounds good to you, give us a call or fill out one of our forms and we’ll contact you. Our mission is to find the best solution for those selling their homes and properties in Kentucky. We understand that selling your home can be a difficult process but, we have simplified it and helped many walk through the process as painlessly as possible with a light on the other side of the tunnel that gives you freedom from being tied down to your property and more. Even if one of these options doesn’t work for you we can still help you out by listening to your situation and connecting you with the right person to solve your problem. We guarantee that you will get 3 unique offers from us and we will go the extra mile to help you solve your problem. We look forward to talking with you and seeing how we can help you not only sell your house fast but, sell your house the best way for you!