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OC Real Estate LLC Messaging and Texting Policy

1. Introduction

OC Real Estate LLC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct in all of our messaging and texting practices. As part of our commitment to compliance, we have established this Messaging and Texting Policy to ensure that our messaging campaigns adhere to the A2P 10DLC (Application-to-Person 10 Digit Long Code) guidelines and regulations.

A2P 10DLC is a regulatory framework established to govern commercial messaging in the United States. It places specific requirements on the consent, content, and registration of messaging campaigns to protect consumers and promote responsible messaging practices. OC Real Estate LLC is dedicated to upholding these standards and ensuring that our messaging activities are fully compliant with A2P 10DLC enforcement.

2. Consent

2.1. Consent Documentation

At OC Real Estate LLC, we understand the critical importance of obtaining documented prior express written consent for all our messaging campaigns. To ensure compliance with A2P 10DLC, we follow these consent documentation procedures:

  • Consent records are obtained from message recipients before any communication is initiated.
  • Consent records include the full name, phone number, date/time stamp, campaign name, and description, as required by A2P 10DLC.
  • A prominent affirmation checkbox is displayed to ensure that recipients explicitly agree and provide their express written consent to receive real estate marketing and services messages.

The affirmation checkbox is clearly labeled and paired with the following notice:

[ ] I agree to receive marketing and services messages related to selling my real estate asset via the phone number provided. I understand these messages may include setting appointments, receiving valuations, offers, and other content related to real estate services from OC Real Estate LLC.

  • The recipient must affirmatively check the box indicating their consent before they can proceed with providing their phone number. The affirmation checkbox ensures the recipient acknowledges their agreement to be contacted for real estate services and marketing messages.
  • The checked affirmation box is documented along with the rest of the written consent records containing name, number, date/time, campaign description, and staff obtaining consent. Consent records are retained for a minimum of 4 years.
  • This clear opt-in procedure follows TCPA and A2P 10DLC express written consent requirements for real estate related messaging campaigns.The employee who obtained consent is recorded for accountability.

2.2. Consent Records

We recognize the significance of securely storing consent records. To ensure the protection of this data, we implement the following measures:

  • Consent records are stored securely with restricted access to authorized personnel only.
  • Data is encrypted according to A2P 10DLC data standards to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Consent records are retained for a minimum of four years after the date of receipt, as mandated by A2P 10DLC.

2.3. Security and Storage

OC Real Estate LLC Properties places a high priority on data security and storage to safeguard consent records:

  • Consent records are stored in compliance with A2P 10DLC standards, which require robust security measures.
  • Access to consent records is limited to employees who require it for authorized purposes.
  • Data encryption protocols are applied to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of consent records.

2.4. Audits and Compliance

To verify that our consent documentation processes adhere to A2P 10DLC, we conduct regular audits:

  • Monthly internal audits are performed to assess the accuracy and completeness of consent records, among other aspects of our messaging campaigns.
  • Annual external TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) audits are conducted to evaluate the overall conformity of our messaging program to A2P 10DLC policies and regulations.

3. Message Content

3.1. TCPA Training

We understand that maintaining the highest standards for message content is crucial to compliance with A2P 10DLC. Therefore, all messaging staff at OC Real Estate LLC undergo the following training:

  • Initial 30-day TCPA training is provided to ensure that all employees understand the regulations governing message content.
  • Annual refresher training sessions are conducted to keep staff updated on A2P 10DLC content standards.

3.2. Message Approval Process

We have established a rigorous approval process for all our campaign messages to ensure A2P 10DLC compliance:

  • Every campaign message undergoes a meticulous review process that includes an assessment of content categories, terminology, offers, and attachments.
  • The approval process confirms adherence to A2P 10DLC content guidelines before any message is sent.

3.3. Content Monitoring

To proactively ensure that our messaging content complies with A2P 10DLC guidelines, we utilize content monitoring tools:

  • These tools screen messages for prohibited words, spam patterns, dangerous information, illegal products, and other violations defined by A2P 10DLC content restrictions.
  • Content monitoring is an ongoing process to identify and rectify potential issues before messages are sent.

4. Campaign Registration

4.1. Registration Requirements

All messaging campaigns at OC Real Estate LLC are registered in accordance with A2P 10DLC requirements:

  • Complete details of each campaign are submitted to the A2P 10DLC platform before sending any messages.
  • We ensure that all campaign elements align with A2P 10DLC standards before initiating registration.

4.2. Legal and Compliance Review

We conduct a thorough legal and compliance review of each campaign before registration to confirm alignment with A2P 10DLC:

  • Campaign use cases, content categories, target audience age, and geographic restrictions are all reviewed to ensure compliance.
  • This review ensures that our campaigns meet A2P 10DLC standards from the outset.

4.3. Database Maintenance

Maintaining comprehensive campaign details in our internal database is essential for compliance:

  • Full campaign details, including samples, use cases, content types, audience information, and registration status, are retained in our database as specified by A2P 10DLC requirements.
  • This database ensures that we have complete records of our campaigns, facilitating ongoing compliance.

4.4. Campaign Changes

In accordance with platform change management policies, we recognize the necessity of re-registration in the A2P 10DLC platform for any major campaign changes:

  • When significant changes are made to a campaign, such as content or target audience modifications, we ensure that these changes are reflected in the campaign’s registration.

5. Compliance Monitoring

5.1. Internal Audits

We conduct monthly internal audits to ensure ongoing compliance with A2P 10DLC standards:

  • Audits encompass campaigns, content, consent records, and logs, among other aspects of our messaging activities.
  • These audits are an essential part of our compliance monitoring program.

5.2. Third-Party Audits

To maintain a high level of accountability and transparency, OC Real Estate LLC engages in annual third-party TCPA audits:

  • These audits comprehensively examine our entire messaging program to assess conformity with A2P 10DLC policies and regulations.
  • Third-party audits provide an additional layer of validation for our compliance efforts.

5.3. KPI Tracking

We actively track key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with A2P 10DLC compliance standards:

  • Dashboards are used to monitor KPIs, including suppression effectiveness, opt-outs, complaints, violations, risks, and content issues.
  • These dashboards are reviewed weekly to assess compliance performance.

5.4. Continuous Improvement

OC Real Estate LLC is committed to ongoing evaluation of all monitoring and auditing results:

  • We use the insights gained from audits and KPI tracking to identify opportunities for improvement in our A2P 10DLC conformance.
  • Continuous improvement is a core component of our commitment to compliance.

6. Conclusion

OC Real Estate LLC is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of compliance with A2P 10DLC regulations in all our messaging and texting activities. This Messaging and Texting Policy outlines our commitment to obtaining and documenting consent, maintaining message content standards, registering campaigns, and conducting compliance monitoring to ensure adherence to A2P 10DLC guidelines.

By following these stringent guidelines and continuously monitoring and improving our practices, OC Real Estate LLC aims to provide a responsible, ethical, and compliant messaging experience for our customers and message recipients.

For questions or concerns regarding this Messaging and Texting Policy, pleaseĀ contact OC Real Estate LLC

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