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How do I Sell My KY Property Fast With Bad Tenants? OC Real Estate can help!

How do I Sell My KY Property Fast With Bad Tenants? OC Real Estate can help!
Tired landlords with unruly tenants, listen up. You’re a landlord. You’ve been a landlord a long time. Maybe you’re coming up in age, ready to spend some time with the grand babies or travel the world, sipping Mai Tais by the beach. You’ve been doing this long enough and now you’ve got some tenants that aren’t going to respect how you’re operating. You don’t want to get a property manager if there’s no good property managers in your area. can solve your problem.

My name’s Tyler. I’m a real estate investor with my partner Wes. We operate in Kentucky, so we’re looking for any landlords who’ve got unruly tenants. Maybe you’re just tired. We have three different options for you. We have three options. Three, just from us.

First one is all cash. That’s going to be the option that’s going to get you the lowest price, but it’s going to be the fastest. We’re going to close in seven to 10 days. Okay? You’re tired. You’re tired of your tenants. Get the cash, get onto the beach, get onto the grand babies, get on the lake house, get to the mountain, wherever you’re going to go.

Option two, we get you a great realtor and we list it. That’s going to get you the top dollar, but it’s also going to hit you with a big tax bill. It’s also going to take the longest, okay, especially if you have an apartment complex or multi-unit, that’s going to take a lot of underwriting.

Option three is going to be our mix. This is one we like to do the best. Okay? A lot of people want to go all cash, all cash, all cash. Okay? We like this one the best because it’s going to pay you the interest. It’s going to pay you the down payment, not the bank, and you’re going to save money on your taxes.

So what we like to do is if you own the property outright, we make payments to you. You name the price, within reason, and we name the terms. We come to an agreement and we go draw it up, we sign it. And now you’re making the money, not the bank. We come to the table with less money and we only have you that we’re dealing with. We’re not dealing with some big bank with all these hoops to jump through.

Also, if you don’t own the building out right or property, we can purchase your property subject to your existing mortgage. Now you may say, “I have a lot of equity. What do I do with that?” Well, that’s where we take your mortgage subject to, and then we pay you the remaining equity. Again, you make the money, not the bank. The bank’s not going to make this money on refinances and paying off one loan and getting a new loan. We feel like option three is your best option, where we’re paying you.

So again, tired landlords reach out to us, whether it’s single family, duplex, triplex, fourplex, a hundred units. If we can’t purchase it, we’ll find you a buyer.
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